It doesn’t matter how old your home is, chances are you will experience electrical problems at one time or another. Knowing what the signs of these sorts of problems are can prevent you from encountering a potential dangerous situation in the future. So let’s talk about what some of the most common signs of electrical problems in the home are.

Issues With Your Circuit Breakerdreamstime_xxl_54634719

The circuit breaker’s main function is to shut off when the circuit becomes overloaded, eliminating the chance that wires can become overheated and start a fire. When your breaker trips every once in awhile, there isn’t much need for worry. However, if you find that your breaker is tripping frequently, you should consult an electrician.

Electrical Shocks

If you notice that you are experiencing a small shock anytime you touch an appliance, there may be improper electrical wiring to blame. When you find this happening often, you will want to contact an electrician sooner rather than later to prevent the situation from worsening.

Hot Fixtures

Checking the area around the light fixtures on your ceilings got warmth is always a good idea. If you find that they are extremely hot, this is a cause for concern as the fixture could overheat and start a fire. You can switch your bulb to a compact fluorescent light or an LED light bulb to remedy this issue.

Call the Professionals

If you think that you have electrical problems in your New Jersey home that require the expertise of one of the talented electricians at Tower Electrical Contracting, contact us today! We can solve your electrical issues.